6707 upland dr

arlington, wa 98223



Piano solo, composed and played by Aaron MacDonald


© 1998 Aaron MacDonald

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Besides being an architect, I'm also an artist and musician.  I enjoy drawing, sketching, painting and photography.  I also compose and play the piano, organ and harpischord.


I find it rewarding to share my love of these arts with others.  I founded Toy Box Architect as a way to inspire creativity and teach architecture through architectural toys.


Just a sampling of my work is shown here, but more is available upon request.




Composed and produced by Aaron MacDonald


© 2012 Aaron MacDonald

© 2013 by Aaron MacDonald

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Valley Drive

Printable toy towns created for my kids. Scaled to work with die-cast cars and wooden trains. Multiple sets are marketed through Toy Box Architect, my Etsy shop. © 2011, 2012, 2013 Aaron MacDonald

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