For as long as I remember, I have loved to design and draw buildings.


When other little boys were drawing just cars and space ships, I was also drawing split-level (this was the 70's and 80's), colonial and modern houses along with shopping malls, fire stations and churches.  That love of designing and drawing has grown into a career.  I officially declared that I was going to be an architect in the fifth grade and pursued that goal until it became a reality.


I have also pursued that love of drawing, becoming an artist.  I am also a musician, having played since I was a child.  I'm the organist and a pianist in my church and I compose.


All these fields overlap, and skills and concepts developed in one area strengthen the others.  I continue to develop my carreer and interests and look for ways to combine and share them.  One of the outcomes of this is Toy Box Architect, a toy complany I founded that teaches architecture and inspires creativity.

My wife and I, along with our four childern, live in Arlington, Washington. But we've lived in several places in the West. I grew up in Utah and California (Silicon Valley). Several years ago, my wife and I tried living in the California San Joquin Valley, but we were drawn to the Pacific Northwest and moved our family to Northwest Washington.  Because of the recession, we found ourselves in Southwest Idaho for a time and then on to Southeast Alaska. Today we're back in Northwest Washington.






6707 upland dr

arlington, wa 98223

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